Hear what other  puppy owners have to say  about their experience with Golden Bliss  Companions.
  1. Gonzalez Family, Utah
    These two are inseparable! I thought I would check in and let you know all is well. Benji is amazing!!! He is using the dog door 100% on his own and sleeps in his kennel through the night!!
  2. DiFrancesco Family, Utah
    - We love our ECGR puppies and Breeders! We found Golden Bliss Companions on the AKC web site and went to visit them to see their ECGR puppies. We fell in love with them; the puppies and the breeders. They are very nice and helpful. We purchased two puppies, a female for us and and a male for our daughter. We are in love with these puppies. We have had other Goldens, and these two are a bit different. All Golden's are great, but these seem even smarter and easier to train. Happy, lively, and interested. Our girl even likes to watch TV with us. She actually watches, especially when there are animals in the program. She always perks up when the contestants in America Ninja Warriors fall and splash into the water! And we can't say enough about the Carlson's. They have been so kind and helpful. They answered all our questions, gave us tips and invited us to stay and visit with them. Never rushed. We even feel that they have become friends of ours. They have a loving home with their children that gives these dogs a happy and healthy environment to be in. The puppies get a good start by being with their playful mother and father, and playing in a rural back yard next to a horse pasture. Good exposure to people and animals.
  3. Colton Halversen, Utah
    Remi has been an amazing and smart dog. He was dog door potty trained in just one week. He's great with kids and loves other dogs. He's the ultimate water dog, you can't keep him out. He's one of the smartest dogs I have ever had the pleasure of training.
  4. Jensen Family, Utah
    Coming soon!
  5. Rhonda & Mark, Colorado
    Coming Soon!
  6. B. Difrancesco, Utah
    Getting my Yeti from Golden Bliss Companions was one of the best decisions of my life. He is such a loving and goofy boy and I love him so much; he is basically my baby. The Carlson's take care of the puppies as if they are their own until they are ready to go to their forever homes; so when I picked Yeti up, he was already on the way to being potty trained (bell trained) and could sit on command. He is now doing amazing and just recently passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test! I am so proud of my boy, and what a handsome boy he is. I often receive compliments and have people stop to tell me how handsome he is. I am grateful every day that I have Yeti and I found him at Golden Bliss Companions.